End Mandatory Meal Plans

Currently, all freshmen, sophomores, and cadets living on campus at Texas A&M are mandated to purchase a meal plan.  The meal plans start at over $1,300 per semester.  If the university administrators get their way, in two years all students living on campus (including juniors and seniors) will be forced to purchase a meal plan.  Additionally, the administration plans on forcing all freshman students to live on campus once the west campus dorms (which will be built and operated by a private company) are completed in approximately two years.

Long lines, erratic quality, and limited selections are everyday realities for most on-campus students. But it gets worse:  Last week a number of  on-campus Chartwells Dining Services facilities were shutdown by the county health department for unhealthy and unsanitary conditions. 

Students can spend their money on food better than the university can.  It's outrageous that the university administration is forcing students to buy expensive meal plans that those students many not want or that don't fit students' needs.

Eating on campus doesn't have to be this way. In fact, we should expect good food, reasonable prices, quick service, lots of choices, and, most importantly, safe food and clean kitchens. It's what students deserve. But when thousands of students are forced to pay into the TAMU administrations preferred on-campus food provider, there is no incentive to provide good food and service (in fact, they benefit when you aren't able to use all of your meals and dining dollars).  Please sign the petition below to help improve on-campus dining and end mandatory meal plans.  I know we can make a difference, especially with your help!


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